Weatherization Partners, Ltd.

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Weatherization Partners, Ltd.,(WPL) is a third generation, independently owned and operated building material marketer and distributor. We focus primarily on DuPont™ Tyvek® weather barriers. Our team consists of highly trained DuPont™ Tyvek® Specialists that serve the many segments of the building industry.

WPL combines marketing, sales expertise, and industry knowledge to create demand for our supplier retail partners and we continue to invest and build on each relationship with a focus that encourages mutual market growth in residential and commercial construction.
Our Story

What is now known as WPL began with the family patriarch, Aubrey Faulkner. A true entrepreneur, Aubrey had multiple businesses, including a tire sale and service center, a Tucker Motor Company dealership, and even an airport.

With the encouragement of friends in the East Texas lumber industry, Aubrey created a company to distribute building supplies. In August 1949, Frontier Wholesale was launched. With a warehouse and a truck fleet, Frontier Wholesale distributed doors, windows, molding and lumber to lumberyards across West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.

In 1950, Aubrey’s son, Aubrey Jr., graduated from University of Texas Tech. After serving in the Korean War, Aubrey Jr. joined Frontier Wholesale and helped drive the growth of the company in the 1960s. In 1968, Aubrey Jr. became CEO after Aubrey Sr. passed away from illness.

Aubrey Jr. had a keen sense of what building products would be a fit for his customers in the growing “Sunbelt” area of the U.S.

In 1975, he became a distributor for Marvin Windows, growing that business into 14 Marvin Windows Planning Centers across the southwest, stretching from Shreveport, LA to Las Vegas, NV.

In 1980, Aubrey Jr. brought on a little known building product called DuPont™ Tyvek® “HouseWrap” and with the help of his son, David, he created what is known as WPL (Weatherization Partners, Ltd.) today.
Today, Aubrey’s son, David serves as Chairman & CEO of WPL, one of the original DuPont Tyvek distributors in the US. WPL has won numerous awards, including 13 National Distributor of the Year Awards for outstanding service and demand creation.

Currently, WPL distributes material to over 2,100 customers in 12 states and employs a team of 50 Residential and Commercial Specialists that are considered industry-leading resource to the trades. As a leading DuPont distributor, WPL’s core competencies are demand creation, demand integration and demand fulfillment.